Certified Home Buying Adviser (CHBA)

As a Certified Home Buying Advisor we use a proven, repeatable system backed by market research to find the perfect home, negotiated at the best price and terms.  We have identified over 80 different variables involved in the home buying process that can be proactively managed to ensure you find the perfect home, negotiated at the best price and terms.

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Don't buy your next home without first watching this! Find out how the Smart Home Buying Strategy of an Certified Expert Advisor can help you get the best home at the lowest price!

Housing experts like Warren Buffett say now might be the best time in our history to buy a home. Smart home buyers are doing their research this time around. This insightful report released by the National Association of Expert Advisors this year reveals the most costly mistakes home buyers are making today as well as a simple strategy to finding the best deals.
Mismanaged variables across the home buying process can make this once in a lifetime opportunity a nightmare. This report shows you the advanced strategies for today’s home buyer. Don’t be the buyer that got out-smarted, out-bid, out-negotiated, or ripped off.
To request the full report, please opt in here and request it.  We will get it out to you as soon as possible.